Policing Information Quality

Activating an Sector-Pact subscription is a web, on-line, process made available by the Sector-Pact Service Center to specified Subscriber employees and or agents. Each Sector-Pact has it own programs for:
1. Training
2. Activating, maintaining and renewing the subscription
3. Maintaining the site-resident templates of data and multimedia information
4. Publishing pact information

5. Accessing and using Sector-Pact information on subscriber sites across the web.
6. Triggering hand-offs, transactions and special services.
7. Policing and enforcing data and information quality.
E. A Sector-Pact Subscription is tied to “information templates” designed to meet the unique needs of each pact. The templates explain the agreement, the rules of subscription, access to data, transactions to be generated and they also control uniformity and quality of communications.
1. Pact Agreement Template
2. Pact Subscriber/User Identity Templates
3. Pact Data & Information Exchange Templates,
4. Pact Transaction Templates
5. Pact Special Service Templates.
F. A Set Of Sector-Pact Uniform Access (Web) Pages are installed on the Subscriber site at the conclusion of the pact activation process. These special Sector-Pact controlled pages regulate user access to Sector-Pact sponsored information on the subscriber site. Distinct from other any other pages created by or for the Subscriber, the Uniform Access Pages are designed to control uniformity of presentation from site to site and pact to pact.
G. The Pact Works Directories are at the center of all pact activity. Each Q- Pact has a Directory of Subscribers, Users, 3rd Parties and Current Issues. These directories are available on-line to all registered users. They have significantly advanced search capabilities and will control advanced features as Sector-Pact comes of age.
H. Pact-Works Corporation. operates three large server data bases in continuous support of all active Sector-Pacts. These servers manage subscriber identity, indexing, pact security, subscriber conformance, quality of distributed information, execution of special services and pact transaction monitoring. Note that these servers bring Sector-Pact subscribers, users and third parties together.
I. Biz-Pact organizes and secures the workspace and may collect, synthesize and publish specific information gathered from Subscriber sites. However, in principal, the subscribers’ information belongs to and is the responsibility of each subscriber. All information and data is located on the subscriber’s own or appointed web site, where it is accessed and published. The Biz-PactDirectories finely index, associate and direct user access to the localized subscriber information
J. Biz-Pactplans and tracks its main revenue stream based upon Sector-Pact information templates activated and renewed. each year. Each Sector-Pact requires a minimum of 3 templates be deployed on each subscriber web site for the duration of the agreement. Templates are activated for 1 year and then renewed. We charge for each activation and renewal.
1. Template charges vary, dependent upon the associated services Pact-Works Corporation. must perform. Template information is maintained by the individual subscribers or their appointed agents. Regular maintenance of the local subscriber data templates is accomplished using Sector-Pact on-line software. Sector-Pact monitors every information maintenance session and prompts the subscribers concerning due and overdue updates. Maintenance sessions are normally not a revenue source.
2. A simple 1000 Subscriber Sector-Pact based upon 3 templates would produce a minimum of $125 per subscriber in the first year. Renewal for the second year would produce $100 per subscriber. The first year revenue for the pact would be $125,000 in year #1 and $100,000 for each year afterward.
3. A more complex 1000 subscriber Sector-Pact with multiple templates could draw $1000 per year per subscriber and produce in excess of $1,000,000 per year.
K. Other forms of revenue are obviously available. The goal of the Strategic Plan is to demonstrate profitability based upon template activities. Other forms of revenue and final template pricing will be the responsibility of the Business Plan
4. Services For A Global Economy
Web Sectors’ job is to build and operate this web driven infrastructure for forming, joining, executing and monitoring both business and non-business agreements electronically. This infrastructure organizes and supplies information in real time. It speeds up the information discovery and learning process. It secures the identity of all parties involved. It provides precedent and clarity to agreements. It efficiently hands-off data and responsibilities from party to party; reduces confusion under intense conditions; documents the execution and proactively follows-up on conformance and success.
Sector-Pact is the first of a series of web agreement service programs to be introduced by Pact-Works Corporation.
We refer to our services as interlocutory and ourselves as interlocutors. To us, this “interlocutory role” reinforces the vision of our primary objective, which is to intermediate during enormous change and to keep the processes of human enterprise alive and vital.
Sector-Pacts will drive all types of business interaction. We use the World Wide Web to its full potential as the tool for large and small, local and global collaborations. Our services are a unique addition to doing business on the web. We are an interlocutory services company committed to bringing sophisticated businesses, institutions, organizations and professionals safely together in cost efficient, highly productive ventures only the global web can inspire and sustain.

4. Bringing Our Business To Market: Pact Mail
Pact-Mail is the initial public presentation of the business. Its deployment is strategic to marketing, timing and economies of business implementation. Pact-Mail is focused upon the resolution of current and recognizable communications problems experienced by the rank and file. These are the people that will use Pact-Mail services throughout their work days.
The selling of Pact-Mail Services segues to the selling of the Web-Pacts that enable Pact mail. The selling of Web-Pacts segues to the real meat of our business which is the facilitation of increasingly globalized operating capabilities for businesses, organizations and governments of the 21st century and beyond.

Company Walls Come Down

1. The New Global Work Space

The hard and fast. The world becomes our focus. Our offices, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, laboratories, and waiting rooms shift from place to place. The ways that we work together and the people with whom we work change often and abruptly. Products and services come and go. Businesses continually reinvent themselves. We now see that we must attach our careers permanently to the process and temporarily to the venture.

The physical work place is altered. But, information continues to be at the center of attention. Fortunately, or not, exchange of information is the prelude, embodiment and postlude of every venture. And still pressing for more information are our unaltered, classically human expectations for early answers and reassurance:

1. Is the agreement clear and fair?
2. Are all parties credible?
3. Is the supporting information correct?
4. Can I trust this enterprise to proceed on time?
5. Will it be profitable?
6. In short, is this a good deal?

The new Sector-Pact workspace is a highly discriminate, shared information space that works faster, has more control, handles standard human expectations and is positioned to employ and to communicate with disparate world business populations as though they were in the office, just down the aisle. Whether an enterprise is just extending itself a little beyond its usual relationships or jumping directly into the global economy, it will need the new workspace, reasoning, benefits and the functionality that are the essence of Sector-Pact.

2. Biz-Pact: Key to Transition

3. Biz-Pact: Key Roles

  1. The originators of a web pact are called Pact Sponsors. The pact members are called Sector-Pact Subscribers. The people who use the services and information controlled by the agreement are called Sector-Pact Users.
  2. The Pact Subscribers
  3. The Pact Subscribers are the people or organizations that have found common cause and have subscribed to one or a series of mutual agreements (pacts). Subscribers share interdependent productivity issues and have some form of proprietary information to be shared.
  4. The Pact Users are people. They may be Sponsors, Subscribers or their employees. They may be agents or employees of customers, suppliers, institutions or government agencies. Users may be the general public or members of a highly select group of some kind.

Excerpts from the Strategic Plan


Call them bargains, handshakes, contracts, charters, treaties, covenants, blood oaths, pacts or agreements; they are what has to happen “before” and “while” any business exchange takes place.

Our name is Pact-Works Corporation. We are developers and facilitators of new forms of web oriented working agreement for business and institutional ventures. called Web-Pacts. Our services bring global oriented commercial, industrial, financial and institutional arrangements to the web where they are defined, published, contracted, executed, tracked and otherwise managed.

Web Pacts allow enterprises of every size and description to deal collaboratively with the issues of transition and business operation within the forming global economy. Sector-Pact is all about transitioning our supply chains and value chains while handling:

1. Complexity without loss of clarity, credibility or control
                 2. Diversity (of participants) without loss of unique identity
3. Speed without loss of security, accountability, or simple trust.

Today’s most common form of agreement is the retail sale of goods and services.. The retail sale, agreement is executable in just a few seconds. However, a retail sale is just a culminating agreement in long (supply & value) chains of agreements that can be traced back several weeks, months and years. Now on the web and dubbed “E-tailing”, millions of these 1 to 1 web processed agreements can occur by the minute and with relative ease.


Now, as the global economy comes into being, the bulk of the (transition) job is just coming over the horizon.. The rest of the supply and value chain agreements that used to take months or years to work out must now be compressed into several days and, possibly, into several moments. At the same time, the parties to these agreements are multiplying in numbers and exist not in a national, but a global landscape. These are the issues and events that must be reframed into a new, clear, efficient and globally accessible workspace that will unleash 21st century industry, finance and commerce. These are the issues and events that concern Pact-Works Corporation and that are the substance of the Sector-Pact programs.

Sector-Pact sets aside a new business workspace on the web for population by the people, the organizations, the ventures and the agreements that will constitute business as usual in a global business arena. Into that new workspace, we have introduced the Sector-Pact infrastructure and services for facilitating highly detailed and time-compressed business collaborations. Sector-Pact’s role is to make the new, dramatic, web-centric working relationships a reality.

Our business goal is to become the leading exponent and facilitator of new, highly productive, global business relationships based upon web centered agreement and information hand-off activities.

Business Pact for the Future


Pact-Mail is the product of strategic planning for two proposed companies. We have defined the products, services, operational settings and interwoven functions that we believe necessary to treat, if not avoid, the impacts of the business deconstruction taking place on the road to world trade and the global economy.

The companies are Web Sectors LLC, and The Pact Works Inc,. The objective of these organizations is to anticipate the problems of going from the insular business model of the 70’s & 80’s to the global model of the 21st century.

The Sky is the Limit

The combined efforts of these new companies will bring to market a new web based, business to business infrastructure for reinventing older businesses and building new.

The Companies


The Current Transitions

  1. Opening Opportunities
  2. Global Economy
  3. Globalizing Business
  4. Internet/Web Impacts
  5. World Order Impacts
  6. Social Compensation
  7. R.I.S.M.
  8. Business Deconstruction
  9. E-Commerce/E-Tailing
  10. Business Roles: Commercial, Industrial, Financial, Services, Institutional, Personal
  11. Anticipating Problems of Zero % Unemployment
  12. New Work Circuits
  13. Information from the source
  14. Re-engineering That Failed
  15. Rules
  16. Technology Transfer
  17. Expanding Pies
  18. Inside-Out Value Chains
  19. Rebuilding Supply Chains
  20. Reinventing Everything
  21. Dot Coms & IPO’s
  22. Beyond Portals & Clicks
  23. Pact Consensus
  24. Sector Critical Mass
  25. Practical Standards Evolution

Pact-Mail is the first Product/Service program developed by our 3 companies. The following post is a sample of the discussions we have developed as preamble to our business plan.

Job Posting

Job Title:   Program/Project Manager

Department:    Design/ Product engineering/R& D/Operations

Job Description:

Purpose and Scope

The Program/Project Manager is responsible for the administration of the design/development and documentation function of The Company’s products. The Program/Project Manager is also responsible for ensuring the Design, R & D, Product Engineering and Operations Departments conform to the company quality system procedures for design control as documented.


Establish and or meet program/project objectives. Identify and that ensure adequate and appropriate resources are assigned to program/projects to ensure the design is controlled, the company’s goals for the successful completion of the program/project is achieved and the customer’s needs are met.

Directly responsible for implementation and maintenance of design control procedures, reporting on the performance of the program/project and ensuring that the customer requirements are met

Organization Relationships

This is an as assigned job duty. The Program/Project Manager reports directly to his/her respective manager with additional responsibilities for program/project management to the Design, Product Engineering, Operations and/or R & D Departments, as required, and has a support responsibility to all functional directors and managers related his/her program/project.

Job Requirements:

Education and Training

The Program/Project Manager should have a four year technical degree, preferably in a field that offers an opportunity to gain a well rounded background. Additional class work in management type courses and problem-solving techniques is preferred.

Technical Requirements

One or more years of broad technical experience, of which at least one to three years should be program or product management.

Managerial Experience

A minimum of one year of experience in managing technical personnel and complex activities. These experiences should be gained in areas of research and development, product engineering, design engineering or technical management.

Note: Technical and managerial requirements can be waived at the discretion of the department manager.


Dept. Manager/Supervisor: _______________________________________   Date: _________

Human Resources Department: ____________________________________   Date: _________

Do the Following in Some Order

Your Options are:
• Love Someone
• Close The Sale
• Have Babies Or Not
• Own Or Ally
Lead Or Be Led
• Draw People To You.
• Do Not Waste Resources
• Do Not Stop Marketing
• Know What You Market.
• Look For Quality & Performance
• Make Opportunities For Others
• Construct And Demonstrate Tangibility
• Organization
• Track Records
• Communication
• Believe And Plan
• Find Resources
• Get Noticed
• Secure Resources
• Negotiate
• Build Legal And People Mechanisms
• Teach
• Learn
• Experience Life
• Make Money

Look Out

Associations and Organizations

The Associations & Organizations Page
Demonstrates all the associations and trade organization to which the company belongs (and which the company authorizes for appearance) and the publications in which the company currently advertises. Highlights those with directories that participate in the Web Sector Compound Directory Alliance.
The Authentications Page
Demonstrates the icons of those organizations normally associated with ratings, certification and performance standards that can supply additional information about the company by clicking the icon.
The Issues & Articles Page
Demonstrates a listing of current industry and marketing acronyms and issues that the company will speak to upon request. Both PR & Sales related. Takes Contact Information.
Demonstrates magazines with current or past articles about the company which can be seen on the company or the magazine site.
The Sector Search Page
The Business Sector Search Page with the client’s logo can be offered to visitors to the site. The search page offer some limited sticky features ,search criteria and destination data that may be of interest to some company’s.
2. Your Company’s Experience With The Visit
Every visit to your site that began with Web Sector Search is recorded on your Visitor History page
a. Visitor History Page Record
(1) Visitor’s Search Criteria
(a) Visit #
(b) Visit Date
(c) Visit Time
(d) Multiple Visit Search Criteria Used To Find The Site
(2) Downloaded or Requested Information
(a) List of Any of those items listed in your Dialogue Table of contents
(3) Visitor Identification & Message
This information supplied only if visitor options to do so.
(a) Name
(b) Company
(c) Phone
(d) Email
(e) Message
b. Automatic Email Reply: Thank You Etc. If Appropriate
B. The Importance Of Profile Maintenance
1. We All Share the responsibility for maintaining the accuracy of the WWWBS Information Data base
Your company and Web Sector share the responsibility for providing up-to-date and accurate information. Your company is the ultimate authority on you profile content. Everyone’s generic information expires 1 year to the day after profile activation. 30 days before expiration and again 14 days before expiration, your CEO or the CEO’s appointed officer will be notified of the approaching expiration and be asked to have the profile reviewed and ,if necessary, updated.
If the information in your identity profile is to remain unchanged, an automatic email reply from the original addressee will set the expiration ahead 1 year.
If your profile requires maintenance, your appointed maintenance person or outside service should be directed to make repairs by initiating a Web Sector profile maintenance session. Upon completion of maintenance, the expiration date will be automatically advanced.
A maintenance session can always be used to advance the expiration data of your profile.
2. If you have stopped active business and shut down your site.
You should initiate a profile maintenance session. Select a notice Template. And enter any additional information needed to clarify your company’s status. We will automatically notify visitors attempting to get to your site via Sector Search of the circumstances you have give us to publish. This type of automatic visitor notification can be used to inform about a permanent of temporary condition.
(1) Gone out of business. No further information supplied.
(2) We have sold our business. Please refer to the new owners.
(3) Our site will be down 2 weeks for repairs. We expect to reopen on May 1st.
(4) We have changed our name. Please go to our new site at xxxxx.
(5) Etc.
b. If you have given the job of profile maintenance to a qualified and registered 3rd party
3. If our tests of your site do not produce the information specified in your Dialogue Table Of Contents
Or if visitors report breakdown of your company’s dialogue content, your CEO or appointed officer will be notified (by e-mail)and requested to make remedy by reducing you catalog contents appropriately
This does not eliminate your company from the data base, but until your profile is corrected, your Quality Tier Rating will be lowered thus informing others who understand the Quality Tier Status System system that your table of contents or identity may not be temporarily unreliable.
4. Using Templates
See more on the use of Web Sector Templates for solving many identity and communications problems
a. Surveys
b. Conferences & Exhibitions
c. Product Category Templates
d. Personalities
e. Compound Directories

VI. The PACT-WORKS Software Library

Marketing Hype

A. Sector Space
The Pact-Works Corporation in collaboration with Web Sectors Inc. has announced a “real place” for “real businesses” on the World Wide Web. It’s not for surfing, its for working. Its not for casual searching, its for finding. Its not for chatting, its for straight, coherent business talk. There’s nothing virtual about it. (Business has difficulty with virtual things) It is for presenting whole business identities and agendas to a transitioning business world looking for global opportunity and collaboration. It is for doing business, global style.
Dubbed “Sector Space” it adds a new and practical web dimension for credible enterprise activities that was not there before. Its objective is to make opportunity clearer and major forms of collaboration practical, manageable and sure footed.
Sector Space is not a home page, not a portal, not an AOL look-alike or some other proprietary landscape. Sector space surrounds each freely participating pact member web site. It accommodates each enterprise’s thoroughly defined identity and its up-to-the-minute public relations, marketing and operating messages. It is the meeting space and working space for new, extremely efficient working relationships and opportunities. It is a place where agreements are made and global businesses are positioned for action.

B. The Business Sector
Sector Space does not eliminate the techie web, the fun web, the personal web, the shopping web or the virtually anything web experience. It simply makes the active business world more visible, more organized, more coherent, more accountable and totally distinguishable from everything else on the web. Something many non commercial communities feel they can do without. In fact, many people welcome the distancing of the business mentality to different quarters, even though it is just a sector away.
The Business Sector is for every active business venture in the world that wishes to stand up and be counted as “in” and “ready for” business.

C. Still the Web
You are still on the web. Being in the Web Business Sector simply means you are easily identified, easily differentiated, easily searched for and easily found. And depending upon the sector directories you have selected for you business, you have opened up new channels that give your company more places to publish its current marketing and public relations story.

D. We Are Talking
WE ARE TALKING ABOUT the same thing that united 13 colonies and transformed them, over 225 years, into 50 united states. It was and is awesome power. We are talking about “transition power” and what it takes to harness it, implement it and suffer through the good and the bad of it. We are talking about millions of disparate little islands of potential, around the world, to be united and transformed into synergies so ubiquitous, that the mind boggles. We’re talking about web sites, web power and thousands of paperless revolutions that can preserve nations while breaking down borders and, hopefully give each human the power of 10 and the knowledge of millions. We’re talking about the visions that continue to drive so many of us into a new world of global inclusiveness, that will be making major transitions, not in each quarter millenium, but in each quarter year.
WE ARE TALKING ABOUT what has bound us together since the beginning of humankind’s process of differentiation from other animals. We are talking about “knowledge and our tools for developing it and for communicating it to each other”.
V. The Subscriber Company’s Business Sector Dialogue
More important than finding your company on the web; what will your visitors find when they get there? This is the moment of truth. This is where the real business dialogue begins
Your web site pages were not altered by Web Sector but your site was enhanced.. When you authorized and activated your Company Profile, you also added 4 optional Web Sector pages to your site that can be viewed and used by your visitors. You determine, beforehand, when and if these pages will be presented to the visitor.
There are sound reasons and specific benefits to these pages that should be considered carefully.
Each one of the Web Sector is designed to be uniform from site to site and to efficiently deliver the information requested by the Visitor in the form specified. These pages are uniform and simple in design but are adjusted to carry out the site’s existing color theme. Each page is dominated by the company’s logo, has standard navigation buttons and performs it own special functions.
(1) The Information Publishing Page
(a) Presents the information materials available to the visitor
1] Documents & Multi Media Menu
a] Pull Down Menus list all the document, multi-media files available to the visitor.
b] One or more item can be selected a one time
c] Items can be selectively displayed
i- Thumbnail Overview:
ii- Full Text Only
iii- Full Text & Graphics
2] Software Download Menu
a] Client Software Products
b] 3rd Party Complimentary Applications
3] Free Stuff
a] As offered by the company
4] Instant Info
a] Contact Name/Addr/Phone/E-mail
b] Company Phone #
c] Jobs List
5] Submission Authorization
(b) Arranges for delivery
1] Items can be selectively delivered
a] Quick Data Download
b] File Download
c] Email
d] US Postal Svc.
i- CD, Diskette
ii- Printed
iii- Etc
(c) Takes Visitor Data
1] Name
2] Company Name If Any
3] Postal Address
4] Email Address
5] Message
(d) Offers option to be placed on company mailing list
(e) Sends an e-mail thank you message offering to copy anyone else, if appropriate.

Super Charged

D. PACT-WORKS: Super Charged Identity Profiling Creates New Web Search Capabilities
Every PACT-WORKS program requires it subscribers to make identity oriented information available to other subscribers. This is accomplished by means of identity information templates that are completed (entered) by each subscriber prior to subscription activation.
PACT-WORKS receives a copy of each identity template created by a subscriber and loads them into both a Pact Directory and A Master Sector Directory. This directory building process creates an index that is accessible via a new breed of multi criteria search engine. More powerful and discriminating than keyword searches, PACT-WORKS’s “Sector Search” will permit pin point access to company web sites. Multiple criteria searches can be carried out using actual company name, trade names, brand names, acronyms, geographic location, industry, trade organization membership, parent company name, and a host of other criteria possibilities ..and there are no added charges for such linking.

E. The Pact-Works Corporation
We are The Pact-Works Corporation. We arbitrate, design, develop, deploy and provide continuity services for High Quality Web Identity and Information Exchange Programs; what we call Web Pacts. The Web is the focal point and enabler for our programs and for the PACTS or combination of PACTS upon which a program is based. Our products and services lead the way to large and small community collaboration in the controlled creation and exchange of high quality data and information on the web.
At the center of each PACT-WORKS program is an information exchange agreement to which individuals and organizations subscribe in pursuit of a common cause or outcome. The pact describes the common cause and the requirements of pact subscription. A pact could involve the recording of simple membership in an existing trade organization where all members agree to publish their membership on their web sites and exchange limited statistics on a scheduled basis. Or a pact could involve several different sectors each having information that when brought together accomplishes a previously unattainable effect. It is our vision that through the proliferation of such identity and information exchange programs (pacts), the advantages of being able to “better work the web” will be proportionally compounded.

Making It Happen

A. Facilitating A Pact
First, we work within and between client organizations that are both on and off the web, to identify lapses in work effectiveness due to lack of the information, the quality of the information and or access to the information.
Second, we arbitrate within and between these same organizations to reach agreement about the form and conditions of an information exchange that will eliminate their respective efficiency lapses and provide additional and mutual benefits. These originating organizations will become the initial subscribers (our clients) to the finished program.
Third, we quickly design and ready a web based information exchange program (PACTS) to incorporate the agreements, conditions, benefits and methods of collaboration.
Fourth, we deploy the PACT program on our main servers, test all the components and make the program available to our subscribers via the Web.
Fifth we notify each subscriber by e-mail and attach instructions that explain how the PACT will operate, how to use our on-line software to create and active their subscription and how to use PACT-WORKS in their daily work process and naturally, how to get technical support.
Sixth, with quality of information as our prime directive, we monitor the pacts, the performance of subscribers and the state of information from minute to minute.
B. Taking Advantage Of PACT-WORKS Capabilities
Up to this point we have explained “PACT-WORKS” as a way to exchange quality information between subscribers. This statement is true but hardly sufficient to explain the real power of PACT-WORKS. The idea of quality information as something that is

“accurate, complete, up-to-date, from a known source and sound enough to act upon”

is what makes PACT-WORKS viable. However, a large part of our story is how PACT-WORKS serves both subscriber and daily user in this multi leveled information exchange process.
C. PACT-WORKS: A Corporate Communications Manager.
PACT-WORKS is designed as a highly effective on-line corporate communications management system that can be used to function simply or under complex requirements. It is not just designed to be a simple data transfer tool..
Its first assignment is to house and protect specific company PACT-WORKS information in the forms of data, simple text and or a full spectrum of multi media files. It determines what pieces of information are to be made available (offered) to web site visitors (of various qualifications). It issues the appropriate information in a format of the visitor’s preference. All in accordance with the pact agreement (a.k.a. charter)
Its second assignment serve the subscriber’s own site needs for general communications management of non pact data and multi media files. (i.e. marketing, public relations, customer service, employee relations, and etc.)
1. PACT-WORKS: Uniform Communications Code
All PACT-WORKS deployments are required to provide uniform display and operating functionality from program to program. This is done in the spirit of making it possible for individual users to efficiently navigate and work the web with as little lost time surfing as possible. When searching, navigating and retrieving information from PACT-WORKS subscriber web sites, users can restrict their web travels to PACT-WORKS Uniform Info Pages that offer uniform, “business only” functionality. These special pages do not eliminate graphics but they do speed travel by reducing download times, avoiding advertisements and eliminating the need to relearn new page operating instructions as the user goes from site to site. Visitors can easily move from PACT-WORKS pages to the traditional site pages at any time, or avoid the PACT-WORKS pages completely.
2. PACT-WORKS: Active Data….Direct Access Information
Taking the idea of “working the web” one step further, PACT-WORKS users can retrieve information from other subscriber sites without downloading the sites’ web pages. Because PACT-WORKSs facilitate uniform data and data identity, users can request PACT-WORKS Data and receive it in the background of their current session.
3. PACT-WORKS Active Data Pods
It is not uncommon for pact subscribers to require information exchange with palm or other hand held digital devices. This type of exchange is defined by the pact and facilitated by the PACT-WORKS Data Assistant.
4. PACT-WORKS: The Data Assistant
We make the distinction between data and multimedia content. Multi media comes in files that can be stored behind or in front of the subscriber’s firewall. Data is meant to be stored in a data base and selectively distributed to the site visitor/user. PACT-WORKS provides a 3rd party database as a functional part of the Uniform Access Pages installation. The PACT-WORKS Data Assistant (software) provides standard and pact specific data templates and permits the subscriber to maintain the data in the 3rd party data base. The Data Assistant also provides the ability to link PACT-WORKS Data Templates to the subscriber’s own data bases anywhere on the subscribers network