Marketing Hype

A. Sector Space
The Pact-Works Corporation in collaboration with Web Sectors Inc. has announced a “real place” for “real businesses” on the World Wide Web. It’s not for surfing, its for working. Its not for casual searching, its for finding. Its not for chatting, its for straight, coherent business talk. There’s nothing virtual about it. (Business has difficulty with virtual things) It is for presenting whole business identities and agendas to a transitioning business world looking for global opportunity and collaboration. It is for doing business, global style.
Dubbed “Sector Space” it adds a new and practical web dimension for credible enterprise activities that was not there before. Its objective is to make opportunity clearer and major forms of collaboration practical, manageable and sure footed.
Sector Space is not a home page, not a portal, not an AOL look-alike or some other proprietary landscape. Sector space surrounds each freely participating pact member web site. It accommodates each enterprise’s thoroughly defined identity and its up-to-the-minute public relations, marketing and operating messages. It is the meeting space and working space for new, extremely efficient working relationships and opportunities. It is a place where agreements are made and global businesses are positioned for action.

B. The Business Sector
Sector Space does not eliminate the techie web, the fun web, the personal web, the shopping web or the virtually anything web experience. It simply makes the active business world more visible, more organized, more coherent, more accountable and totally distinguishable from everything else on the web. Something many non commercial communities feel they can do without. In fact, many people welcome the distancing of the business mentality to different quarters, even though it is just a sector away.
The Business Sector is for every active business venture in the world that wishes to stand up and be counted as “in” and “ready for” business.

C. Still the Web
You are still on the web. Being in the Web Business Sector simply means you are easily identified, easily differentiated, easily searched for and easily found. And depending upon the sector directories you have selected for you business, you have opened up new channels that give your company more places to publish its current marketing and public relations story.

D. We Are Talking
WE ARE TALKING ABOUT the same thing that united 13 colonies and transformed them, over 225 years, into 50 united states. It was and is awesome power. We are talking about “transition power” and what it takes to harness it, implement it and suffer through the good and the bad of it. We are talking about millions of disparate little islands of potential, around the world, to be united and transformed into synergies so ubiquitous, that the mind boggles. We’re talking about web sites, web power and thousands of paperless revolutions that can preserve nations while breaking down borders and, hopefully give each human the power of 10 and the knowledge of millions. We’re talking about the visions that continue to drive so many of us into a new world of global inclusiveness, that will be making major transitions, not in each quarter millenium, but in each quarter year.
WE ARE TALKING ABOUT what has bound us together since the beginning of humankind’s process of differentiation from other animals. We are talking about “knowledge and our tools for developing it and for communicating it to each other”.
V. The Subscriber Company’s Business Sector Dialogue
More important than finding your company on the web; what will your visitors find when they get there? This is the moment of truth. This is where the real business dialogue begins
Your web site pages were not altered by Web Sector but your site was enhanced.. When you authorized and activated your Company Profile, you also added 4 optional Web Sector pages to your site that can be viewed and used by your visitors. You determine, beforehand, when and if these pages will be presented to the visitor.
There are sound reasons and specific benefits to these pages that should be considered carefully.
Each one of the Web Sector is designed to be uniform from site to site and to efficiently deliver the information requested by the Visitor in the form specified. These pages are uniform and simple in design but are adjusted to carry out the site’s existing color theme. Each page is dominated by the company’s logo, has standard navigation buttons and performs it own special functions.
(1) The Information Publishing Page
(a) Presents the information materials available to the visitor
1] Documents & Multi Media Menu
a] Pull Down Menus list all the document, multi-media files available to the visitor.
b] One or more item can be selected a one time
c] Items can be selectively displayed
i- Thumbnail Overview:
ii- Full Text Only
iii- Full Text & Graphics
2] Software Download Menu
a] Client Software Products
b] 3rd Party Complimentary Applications
3] Free Stuff
a] As offered by the company
4] Instant Info
a] Contact Name/Addr/Phone/E-mail
b] Company Phone #
c] Jobs List
5] Submission Authorization
(b) Arranges for delivery
1] Items can be selectively delivered
a] Quick Data Download
b] File Download
c] Email
d] US Postal Svc.
i- CD, Diskette
ii- Printed
iii- Etc
(c) Takes Visitor Data
1] Name
2] Company Name If Any
3] Postal Address
4] Email Address
5] Message
(d) Offers option to be placed on company mailing list
(e) Sends an e-mail thank you message offering to copy anyone else, if appropriate.