Super Charged

D. PACT-WORKS: Super Charged Identity Profiling Creates New Web Search Capabilities
Every PACT-WORKS program requires it subscribers to make identity oriented information available to other subscribers. This is accomplished by means of identity information templates that are completed (entered) by each subscriber prior to subscription activation.
PACT-WORKS receives a copy of each identity template created by a subscriber and loads them into both a Pact Directory and A Master Sector Directory. This directory building process creates an index that is accessible via a new breed of multi criteria search engine. More powerful and discriminating than keyword searches, PACT-WORKS’s “Sector Search” will permit pin point access to company web sites. Multiple criteria searches can be carried out using actual company name, trade names, brand names, acronyms, geographic location, industry, trade organization membership, parent company name, and a host of other criteria possibilities ..and there are no added charges for such linking.

E. The Pact-Works Corporation
We are The Pact-Works Corporation. We arbitrate, design, develop, deploy and provide continuity services for High Quality Web Identity and Information Exchange Programs; what we call Web Pacts. The Web is the focal point and enabler for our programs and for the PACTS or combination of PACTS upon which a program is based. Our products and services lead the way to large and small community collaboration in the controlled creation and exchange of high quality data and information on the web.
At the center of each PACT-WORKS program is an information exchange agreement to which individuals and organizations subscribe in pursuit of a common cause or outcome. The pact describes the common cause and the requirements of pact subscription. A pact could involve the recording of simple membership in an existing trade organization where all members agree to publish their membership on their web sites and exchange limited statistics on a scheduled basis. Or a pact could involve several different sectors each having information that when brought together accomplishes a previously unattainable effect. It is our vision that through the proliferation of such identity and information exchange programs (pacts), the advantages of being able to “better work the web” will be proportionally compounded.