Associations and Organizations

The Associations & Organizations Page
Demonstrates all the associations and trade organization to which the company belongs (and which the company authorizes for appearance) and the publications in which the company currently advertises. Highlights those with directories that participate in the Web Sector Compound Directory Alliance.
The Authentications Page
Demonstrates the icons of those organizations normally associated with ratings, certification and performance standards that can supply additional information about the company by clicking the icon.
The Issues & Articles Page
Demonstrates a listing of current industry and marketing acronyms and issues that the company will speak to upon request. Both PR & Sales related. Takes Contact Information.
Demonstrates magazines with current or past articles about the company which can be seen on the company or the magazine site.
The Sector Search Page
The Business Sector Search Page with the client’s logo can be offered to visitors to the site. The search page offer some limited sticky features ,search criteria and destination data that may be of interest to some company’s.
2. Your Company’s Experience With The Visit
Every visit to your site that began with Web Sector Search is recorded on your Visitor History page
a. Visitor History Page Record
(1) Visitor’s Search Criteria
(a) Visit #
(b) Visit Date
(c) Visit Time
(d) Multiple Visit Search Criteria Used To Find The Site
(2) Downloaded or Requested Information
(a) List of Any of those items listed in your Dialogue Table of contents
(3) Visitor Identification & Message
This information supplied only if visitor options to do so.
(a) Name
(b) Company
(c) Phone
(d) Email
(e) Message
b. Automatic Email Reply: Thank You Etc. If Appropriate
B. The Importance Of Profile Maintenance
1. We All Share the responsibility for maintaining the accuracy of the WWWBS Information Data base
Your company and Web Sector share the responsibility for providing up-to-date and accurate information. Your company is the ultimate authority on you profile content. Everyone’s generic information expires 1 year to the day after profile activation. 30 days before expiration and again 14 days before expiration, your CEO or the CEO’s appointed officer will be notified of the approaching expiration and be asked to have the profile reviewed and ,if necessary, updated.
If the information in your identity profile is to remain unchanged, an automatic email reply from the original addressee will set the expiration ahead 1 year.
If your profile requires maintenance, your appointed maintenance person or outside service should be directed to make repairs by initiating a Web Sector profile maintenance session. Upon completion of maintenance, the expiration date will be automatically advanced.
A maintenance session can always be used to advance the expiration data of your profile.
2. If you have stopped active business and shut down your site.
You should initiate a profile maintenance session. Select a notice Template. And enter any additional information needed to clarify your company’s status. We will automatically notify visitors attempting to get to your site via Sector Search of the circumstances you have give us to publish. This type of automatic visitor notification can be used to inform about a permanent of temporary condition.
(1) Gone out of business. No further information supplied.
(2) We have sold our business. Please refer to the new owners.
(3) Our site will be down 2 weeks for repairs. We expect to reopen on May 1st.
(4) We have changed our name. Please go to our new site at xxxxx.
(5) Etc.
b. If you have given the job of profile maintenance to a qualified and registered 3rd party
3. If our tests of your site do not produce the information specified in your Dialogue Table Of Contents
Or if visitors report breakdown of your company’s dialogue content, your CEO or appointed officer will be notified (by e-mail)and requested to make remedy by reducing you catalog contents appropriately
This does not eliminate your company from the data base, but until your profile is corrected, your Quality Tier Rating will be lowered thus informing others who understand the Quality Tier Status System system that your table of contents or identity may not be temporarily unreliable.
4. Using Templates
See more on the use of Web Sector Templates for solving many identity and communications problems
a. Surveys
b. Conferences & Exhibitions
c. Product Category Templates
d. Personalities
e. Compound Directories

VI. The PACT-WORKS Software Library