Third Party Hosting Services

Third Party Subscriber Services – Q-Pact Subscription Management.
Some larger subscribers prefer to have their Q-Pact template activation and maintenance work done by a third party. Web Sectors is taking applications from local and regional web presence providers for training in Q-Pact support. Subscribers can also have their in-house web presence departments trained in Q-Pact support.
Q-Pact Subscription Web Site Hosting
Specially priced site hosting programs for professionals, very small businesses, and organizations are available through a network of third party hosting services familiar with Q-Pact practices.

Web Sectors Corp: Making It Happen- Facilitating A Q-Pact Program.
First, we work within and between client organizations that are both on and off the web, to identify lapses in work effectiveness due to lack of the information, the quality of the information and or access to the information.
Second, we arbitrate within and between these same organizations to reach agreement about the form and conditions of an information exchange that will eliminate their respective efficiency lapses and provide additional and mutual benefits. These originating organizations will become the initial subscribers (our clients) to the finished program.
Third, we quickly design and ready a web based information exchange program (Q-Pact) to incorporate the agreements, conditions, benefits and methods of collaboration.
Fourth, we deploy the Q-Pact program on our main servers, test all the components and make the program available to our subscribers via the Web.
Fifth we notify each subscriber by e-mail and attach instructions that explain how the Q-Pact will operate, how to use our on-line software to create and active their subscription and how to use Q-Pact in their daily work process and naturally, how to get technical support.
Sixth, with quality of information as our prime directive, we monitor the pacts, the performance of subscribers and the state of information from minute to minute.
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