Basic Logistics

F. Basic Logistics
1. A New, Clean Work Space On The Web
The web is overflowing with surf-able but not necessarily workable information. The free and loose form of the world wide web infrastructure is ideal for the flow of public inquiry and dialogue that hallmarks the internet. There is a need, however, for some more controlled forms of web communication where business relationships and outcomes are at risk. PACT-WORKS. provides a new “sectored” work space on the web and a unique set of interlocutory (coordinating) services that virtually segregate the “surfing” web from the “working” web. Our objective is to make that new space open, uncluttered, well defined and thoroughly exploitative of the web’s potential.
2. An Inter Web Site System
PACT-WORKS is an inter-web site system. All subscriber have web sites that house their own data and or the multi media files required by the pact for controlled publication. PACT-WORKS supplies each subscriber with :
a. On-line application software that the subscribers use to define, activate and update their own pact subscriptions
b. On-line application software to enter and maintain repository data and to build links to data and files in the subscriber’s existing data bases
c. A subscriber site repository to hold the subscribers data
d. Subscriber’s site Information Manager software program that controls outside access and facilitates publication of the subscribers data and multi media files to other subscribers and the general public
e. A set of user tools for generally working the web and maximizing PACT-WORKS advantages
f. A set of services that emanate from PACT-WORKS/ own web site servers, that:
(1) Manage the pacts
(2) Control identity of pact subscribers
(3) Monitor the quality of subscriber information
(4) Monitor conformance to pact agreements
(5) Automatic backup of templates, supporting data and files
(6) Automatically notify subscriber management & agents of their respective site info conditions
(7) Automatically generate and hand off special pact transactions.