Business Pact for the Future


Pact-Mail is the product of strategic planning for two proposed companies. We have defined the products, services, operational settings and interwoven functions that we believe necessary to treat, if not avoid, the impacts of the business deconstruction taking place on the road to world trade and the global economy.

The companies are Web Sectors LLC, and The Pact Works Inc,. The objective of these organizations is to anticipate the problems of going from the insular business model of the 70’s & 80’s to the global model of the 21st century.

The Sky is the Limit

The combined efforts of these new companies will bring to market a new web based, business to business infrastructure for reinventing older businesses and building new.

The Companies


The Current Transitions

  1. Opening Opportunities
  2. Global Economy
  3. Globalizing Business
  4. Internet/Web Impacts
  5. World Order Impacts
  6. Social Compensation
  7. R.I.S.M.
  8. Business Deconstruction
  9. E-Commerce/E-Tailing
  10. Business Roles: Commercial, Industrial, Financial, Services, Institutional, Personal
  11. Anticipating Problems of Zero % Unemployment
  12. New Work Circuits
  13. Information from the source
  14. Re-engineering That Failed
  15. Rules
  16. Technology Transfer
  17. Expanding Pies
  18. Inside-Out Value Chains
  19. Rebuilding Supply Chains
  20. Reinventing Everything
  21. Dot Coms & IPO’s
  22. Beyond Portals & Clicks
  23. Pact Consensus
  24. Sector Critical Mass
  25. Practical Standards Evolution

Pact-Mail is the first Product/Service program developed by our 3 companies. The following post is a sample of the discussions we have developed as preamble to our business plan.

Job Posting

Job Title:   Program/Project Manager

Department:    Design/ Product engineering/R& D/Operations

Job Description:

Purpose and Scope

The Program/Project Manager is responsible for the administration of the design/development and documentation function of The Company’s products. The Program/Project Manager is also responsible for ensuring the Design, R & D, Product Engineering and Operations Departments conform to the company quality system procedures for design control as documented.


Establish and or meet program/project objectives. Identify and that ensure adequate and appropriate resources are assigned to program/projects to ensure the design is controlled, the company’s goals for the successful completion of the program/project is achieved and the customer’s needs are met.

Directly responsible for implementation and maintenance of design control procedures, reporting on the performance of the program/project and ensuring that the customer requirements are met

Organization Relationships

This is an as assigned job duty. The Program/Project Manager reports directly to his/her respective manager with additional responsibilities for program/project management to the Design, Product Engineering, Operations and/or R & D Departments, as required, and has a support responsibility to all functional directors and managers related his/her program/project.

Job Requirements:

Education and Training

The Program/Project Manager should have a four year technical degree, preferably in a field that offers an opportunity to gain a well rounded background. Additional class work in management type courses and problem-solving techniques is preferred.

Technical Requirements

One or more years of broad technical experience, of which at least one to three years should be program or product management.

Managerial Experience

A minimum of one year of experience in managing technical personnel and complex activities. These experiences should be gained in areas of research and development, product engineering, design engineering or technical management.

Note: Technical and managerial requirements can be waived at the discretion of the department manager.


Dept. Manager/Supervisor: _______________________________________   Date: _________

Human Resources Department: ____________________________________   Date: _________

Basic Logistics

F. Basic Logistics
1. A New, Clean Work Space On The Web
The web is overflowing with surf-able but not necessarily workable information. The free and loose form of the world wide web infrastructure is ideal for the flow of public inquiry and dialogue that hallmarks the internet. There is a need, however, for some more controlled forms of web communication where business relationships and outcomes are at risk. PACT-WORKS. provides a new “sectored” work space on the web and a unique set of interlocutory (coordinating) services that virtually segregate the “surfing” web from the “working” web. Our objective is to make that new space open, uncluttered, well defined and thoroughly exploitative of the web’s potential.
2. An Inter Web Site System
PACT-WORKS is an inter-web site system. All subscriber have web sites that house their own data and or the multi media files required by the pact for controlled publication. PACT-WORKS supplies each subscriber with :
a. On-line application software that the subscribers use to define, activate and update their own pact subscriptions
b. On-line application software to enter and maintain repository data and to build links to data and files in the subscriber’s existing data bases
c. A subscriber site repository to hold the subscribers data
d. Subscriber’s site Information Manager software program that controls outside access and facilitates publication of the subscribers data and multi media files to other subscribers and the general public
e. A set of user tools for generally working the web and maximizing PACT-WORKS advantages
f. A set of services that emanate from PACT-WORKS/ own web site servers, that:
(1) Manage the pacts
(2) Control identity of pact subscribers
(3) Monitor the quality of subscriber information
(4) Monitor conformance to pact agreements
(5) Automatic backup of templates, supporting data and files
(6) Automatically notify subscriber management & agents of their respective site info conditions
(7) Automatically generate and hand off special pact transactions.

The Local Model

Local Pact Agents.
Some larger subscribers prefer to have their pact template activation and maintenance work done by a third party. Pact-Works will train local and regional web presence providers for training in pact maintenance. Subscribers can also have their in-house web presence departments trained in pact support.
Subscriber Web Site Hosting
Specially priced site hosting programs for professionals, very small businesses, and organizations are available through a network of third party hosting services familiar with Pact-works practices.
(3) Subscriber, User & Content Verification Checks
Some pacts may require regular verification of identity claims and information content.
(4) Credentials Support
(a) Trade and Industrial Associations
(b) Trade and Industrial Publishers
(c) Web Portals
(d) Journal Publishers
(e) Colleges, Universities and Societies
(f) Credit Reporters

(5) The Pact Facilitators
(a) Pact-Works is a pact development & operations facilitator
(b) Special Third Party Search Engines are being developed in concert with special pact search needs.
4. Pact Concerns
a. Issues Of Identity
The identities of sponsors, subscribers, users and third parties are of great importance to each pact. Individual and organization identity requirements vary from pact to pact. Our Identity Control System is based upon data templates that are structured to present multiple perspectives of each subscriber. It is assumed that 1 person or organization could participate in many pacts with many different identity templates. Our identity profiles are very flexible, are heavily indexed and are linked to third party search enginers credential services. The goal is to simply:
(1) Assure that all parties are who they say they are.
(2) Make all parties easy to search for and find on the web.
(3) Provide for additional increments of credibility support for those who require it.
(4) Provide controlled/secure access to the pact information located on each site
b. Issues Of Quality
The quality of the web based information is not just an issue for those concerned with e-tail, e-bank or e-investment transactions. Any person, business or organization that wants to take advantage of the web’s potential for seamless business communications and work simplification must face the fact that controlling Authorship, Accuracy, Access and Action-ability of information is a pre requisite. And now, with global connection and information coming and going to across the world to friends and strangers alike, controlling the 4 A’s is 4 times more difficult. That is, unless you have an intermediary like Pact-Works working for you.
c. Issues Of Transition
For example, business in the 1960’s was self-centered. With proper preparation, everything could be controlled from inside the company walls. Nothing had to leave the company but the customer’s order.
Those company walls are all but gone, but the need to confidently move information from work center to work center and person to person is still here. Only, soon, the work centers and the people will be spread across the regional community and the world. And the jobs that were once done by one company in pursuit of a single customer’s order are now to be shared by many geographically dispersed companies sometimes working with each other for the first time.
It is also not hard to see that all business relationships will not be handled in the same way. On the contrary, we are and will continue to be overwhelmed by the size of the job and our lack of time as we deal with the disparity of people, intentions, transactions and the serendipitous problem solvings to be handled along the way.
Today, just like in the ‘60’s, the fate of the customer’s order relies on practical systems of collaboration. All systems rely on the mutual confidence of all parties in each other and in the results of the system. Successful communication of the right information to the right people at the right time is the most visible evidence that collaboration is working. New web based collaboration with forces inside or outside the company is no different. No one has yet worked out every global standard we will need for local, regional, national and international collaboration. Until then, we have the business of today, the web of today and the need to collaborate right now with other companies and resources as though they were just steps away.
This, then, is the basic objective of every PACT-WORKS program: We facilitate quality information, identity and agreement in pursuit of simple and complex collaboration between people and organizations located anywhere in the reach of the world wide web.