Using Music as Therapy

If you want to truly ‘heal” the depressed person, it’s a must to get his or her mind away from it, far away from it. I personally have been treating this pathology with the teaching of music. I once had a Psychiatrist for a student. He told me, after two years of study that he could not approach the healing that the pedagogical purpose in this instruction yield’s up. When the sufferer can see and hear constant progress through great art.
When a level of confidence is achieved, and, IF the teacher is wise, results will follow. It’s not easy to find instructors like that. In great teachers, with ‘charisma’, the student is put into a situation of ‘trying’ As God knows no one is perfect however HE considers it perfect if we do one thing, to try! I have seen it so many times in the pursuing of a great art -In my case, in music. Why music? Because Bach Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, on and on. These great masters considered Music, the most spiritual of all the arts! and who can disagree with them. Music is in the spirit. ‘Man’ in the flesh will screw up anything, (ex) God put in the heavens themselves ‘Signs and Wonders You know, the ‘Bible of the Sky’. It cannot be touched by man. The original names of the Zodiac named by Adam himself have been changed time and again. The Greeks re-named them, the Romans, Persians. So music is. It cannot be ‘touched’. Man cannot put his paws on it, and, even in innocence, ruin it. Now, with music ( spirit) it reaches the human heart. I have seen it at work. People suffering with depression simply don’t have time for the condition. Thereby, with constant falling the stone is worn down. Again charisma, from the Greek, is an absolute necessity for the teacher to possess. Unfortunately the ones who do possess this charisma usually are self-interested and do not teach. Love is the answer. Patience.