Professional Directories

We call ourselves “Identity & Dialogue Experts”

We have created a business profiling system that incorporates two key types of information into your web based business presence. The Business Identity Profile is information that defines what your organization is, does and how it is unique. At the same time, it sends the industrial, trade and market signals that are calculated to attract the people and organizations that are looking for your products and services. The Visitor Dialogue Profile is a table of contents for the information that your company wants to put, selectively, into the hands of real and potential customers, strategic partners, suppliers and the general public.


1. Your Business Identity Profile

Your Business Identity Profile consists of 1 or more Sector Directory Templates. Each designed to add indexed data to your presence on the web. Directory templates are a dynamic function of the system. They are versatile and immediately afford new channels of indexed identity. The increase in search engine (multi-indexed) capability should be obvious. However, templates have an even larger roll to play as web based business becomes more common and a company’s web visibility and credibility become crucial to transacting business.

2. Your Visitor Dialogue Profile

Your organizations ongoing dialogue with the consumer and business communities goes on 24 hours each day and can stretch across the world. It should be well managed. Those people in charge of sales, marketing and public relations should be apprised of what the company’s community web dialogue is doing and can do. The substance of that dialogue is data, documents and multi media communications. Your Visitor Dialogue Profile is your web site Table Of Contents for all the communications you want to make available and the conditions under which they may be published

3. Your Visitor Dialogue Repository

The actual dialogue communications data and files are kept on the company’s site in either the Sector supplied Dialogue Repository or in the company’s own network data bases and servers. In either case, all content is cataloged, located and ready for viewing, printing or download on demand.

4. Web Sector Business Profile Activation: Software

You do not have to do everything at once. Start small. You can easily enhance your profile as you see it work for you

a. Online and easy,

b. Compose Your Business Identity Profile

(1)     Select your directory templates
(2)     Enter the requested business information

c. Compose Your Visitor Dialogue Profile

(1)     Define Your Table Of Contents
(a)   Select your contents templates
(b)   Enter the requested set up information
(2)     Enter Your Business Data
(a)   Select Your templates
(b)   Enter the requested data
(3)     Label & Link your Documents & Multi Media Files
(a)   Load all files into an accessible directory
(b)   Select Templates
(c)    Enter the requested data

d. Do a site test installation

(1)     Test/Print and verify your profile contents
(2)     Test/Print your dialogue data
(3)     Test/Print/Run your multi-media files
(4)     Make Changes
(5)     Get proper company authorization to activate.

e. Activate Your Site and First Profiles

(1)     Loads the Hidden Web Sector Pages
(a)   Subscriber Page
(b)   Identity Templates Page(s)
(2)     Activates the Respository
(3)     Loads the latest Client Site Version of the Web Sector-Tellit Software & Uniform Access Pages.
(a)   Visitor’s Info Teller:

1]     Table Of Contents Page

2]     Display & Retrieval Page

3]     Sector Search Engine Page (if wanted by client)

4]     Client’s Associations, Affiliations, Credentials And 3rd Party Information Sources & Information Links

(4)     Sends a copy of the identity profile and subscription requirements to the Web Sector Inc Directory Server

f. Web Sector Directory Server Automatically Responds

(1)     Updates the client selected directory indexes
(2)     Notifies the client via email of the .Sector Search Engines accessibility to their new or updated client identity profile
(3)     Notifies the outside directory sponsor(s) (if any) of the new directory memberships
(4)     Notifies the authorized client personal to initiate a Web Sector profiling maintenance session for authorization & download of directory and free service links.
(5)     Posts & schedules any special services requested by the client on the subscription page.

                                                                II. NO LONGER ADRIFT IN THE WORLD WIDE WEB

A. You are safe in the WWW Business Sector

You are still on the web. Being in the Web Business Sector simply means you are easily identified, easily differentiated, easily searched for and easily found. And depending upon the number of independent directory templates you have selected, you have opened up new relationship channels that give you more visibility while providing more places to present and publish your company’s current marketing and PR story.

B. Your Business Sector Search Engine

People do not need to go through a thousand key word search results in order to find your web site. If they know your name our new search engine will speed them to your site. If they do not know you yet, they can describe what they are looking for using multiple criteria and, again, be sped to you site.

1. Your New Business Sector Identity

a. You can now be found by

(1)     Your Legal Business Name
(2)     Your DBA Business Name
(3)     Your Company Name Acronym
(4)     Your Trade Names
(5)     Your Traditional Business Categories
(6)     Your Corporate Offices Address
(a)   Street
(b)   City
(c)    State/Prov/Parish
(d)   Nation
(e)    Postal Code
(7)     Your C?O’s Names
(8)     Your Phone #’s
(9)     Your email address
(10)And As Usual Your Domain Name

b. You can also be found via any House Directories for which you have activated a template in your identity profile.

(1)     House Trading Names Directory
(2)     House Legal Names Directory
(3)     WWWBS Operating Characteristics
(a)   Company Name

1]     Company Business Name

a]     Broad Business Category

i-              Industrial

ii-             Financial

iii-            Commercial

b]     Broad Business Function

i-              Manufacturing

ii-             Processing

iii-            Assembling

iv-            Distributing

v-             Selling Wholesale

vi-            Selling Retail

vii-           Leasing/Renting

viii-          Providing Services

c]     Broad Product Categories

i-              Public Recognized

ii-             Trade/Industry Recognized

iii-            WWWBS Y2K Recognized

d]     Broad Service Categories

i-              Public Recognized

ii-             Trade/Industry Recognized

iii-            WWWBS Y2K Recognized

c. You can also be found via the special Independent Directories for which you have activated a template in your identity profile.

(1)     Industry Org. Directories
(2)     Trade Org. Directories
(3)     Professional Directories
(4)     Portal Directories
(5)     Credit Directories
(6)     Rating Directories
(7)     Trade Publication Directories
(8)     Association Directories
(9)     Special Issues & Causes Directories

Professional Directories