Not Meat for a Best Seller

It’s about our individual and collaborative abilities to do things. More specifically, our abilities to enhance and retard our abilities to do things.
Rism Based Discussion


I am not interested in creating a new science, religion, empire or other such discipline. My topic is not meat for a best seller. I am about finding the people and disciplines that are capable of facilitating the things we need to better our participation in the gross national product. I am probably borrowing the term GNP with great inappropriateness. But I am not prepared, at the moment, to defend things beyond my own nationhood, though I’m sure the larger implications are there. And, thinking any smaller would be to eliminate options and the real challenge, which is self defeating.

The US Mail, ATT, PTA, BMT, Catholicism, Toaism, Beat Generation, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mankind, Humankind, Federal Government, EST, Physics, Psychology, Health Care, Banking, Mafia, Law, Rap, Teenagers, Rock and Roll, Academia, John F. Kennedy, the Blind .the EPA, ACLU and.every individual or group of individuals with a thought, a cause or a penchant to make a buck…….All demonstrate the processes of organization.

…………….context, roles, and processes

The discrimination between context, roles and processes is typical human differentiation which may or may not be needed for language communication, but is compelling to thought.

There is organization of knowledge in the individual and in the group. A link between knowledge elements within an individual is a role of thought. A link between knowledge elements in individuals is a role of language.
We find minimal or elaborate understanding of an organization in its name, leaders, disciples, affected peoples, communications processes, literature, appeals to authority, its rituals, esoteric processes (languages, formulas, acronyms), technologies and social processes. All these areas (and more) provide insight into the organization and are explorable to some degree.

Our initial position is to view our immediate affiliations as the whole or at least, most important order of things.

Whatever your strategic planning process, there is a base of knowledge, that makes it possible to distinguish between what you are doing and what you would do next. Recognizing your base of knowledge and constructing your ability to process it are complementary but distinct processes.