Need a Four Word Phrase

RISM or R.I.S.M. is an acronym with a problem. It is still looking for the 4 word phrase it wants to imitate. The correct 4 word phrase has not yet come forth, but what ever it is, it does imply all the complex relationships between people, knowledge, whatever it is that knowledge represents..
There is a story here (also not fully developed) of what keeps us apart and together. Of what we accomplish in spite of ourselves and the odds.

The cartoon of an inner tube of smaller inner tubes within inner tubes (infinite drill down) (unless you prefer the candy lifesaver metaphor) is a symbol for the acronym (not vice versa)

ACRONYM (r.i.s.m.)—-
4 WORD PHRASE (as yet undetermined)—-
THE WAY OF THINGS (As it is!, Wha’s Up! etc.)

Such as…….When our kind first appeared on earth, they were puddles of hot bubbling mud. But over time, the puddles multiplied and matured and the world swarmed with humans in an advanced state of idiocy. Luckily, there is no proof of this beginning but the story goes on that originally there was no ability to discriminate men from women, just sex loving puddles. Then metamorphosis began an the real tale of RISM began shaping what we are today………….
What we are today is bound up with learning and diffusion of learning in spite of a natural, insistent insularity.
The occupant of the rism is nothing without its rism. I am very concerned that all rism occupants not necessarily look alike. But in not looking alike, race, sex, religion and natural origin should not be the basis of visual or verbal differentiation.
There is, to say the least, much room for invention.