Working the Web

Q-Pact: Active Data… Direct Access Information
Taking the idea of “working the web” one step further, Q-Pact users can retrieve information from other subscriber sites without downloading the sites’ web pages. Because Q-Pacts facilitate uniform data and data identity, users can request Q-Pact Data and receive it in the background of their current session.
3. Q-Pact Active Data Pods
It is not uncommon for pact subscribers to require information exchange with palm or other hand held digital devices. This type of exchange is defined by the pact and facilitated by the Q-Pact Data Assistant.
4. Q-Pact: The Data Assistant
We make the distinction between data and multimedia content. Multimedia comes in files that can be stored behind or in front of the subscriber’s firewall. Data is meant to be stored in a data base and selectively distributed to the site visitor/user. Q-Pact provides a 3rd party database as a functional part of the Uniform Access Pages installation. The Q-Pact Data Assistant (software) provides standard and pact specific data templates and permits the subscriber to maintain the data in the 3rd party data base. The Data Assistant also provides the ability to link Q-Pact Data Templates to the subscriber’s own data bases anywhere on the subscribers network.
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