Information and Identity Exchange


Introduction To Q-PACT
B. What We Do
C. What is the focus of our services?
D. The Central Role Of Quality
II. Basic Logistics
A. An Inter Web Site System
B. A New, Clean Work Space On The Web
C. Web Sectors Inc.
D. Third Party Subscriber Services
III. Web Sectors Corp: Making It Happen
A. Facilitating A Q-Pact Program
B. Taking Advantage Of Q-Pact Capabilities
C. Q-Pact: A Corporate Communications Manager.
D. Q-Pact: Super Charged Identity Profiling Creates New Web Search Capabilities
IV. The Q-Pact Software Library

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Our name is Web Sectors Inc. We make powerful things happen on the web. We do this for all types of companies, organizations and individual people. We do this by making serious web collaboration between diverse peoples possible, if not an every day occurrence. We do this with a set of web empowering services that we call Q-Pact.
Q-Pact is a new, web enabled framework for real, working collaborations between parties who may or may not know each other, but who find uniquely customized moments of cooperation strategically important and mutually beneficial.
Quality-Pacts can be designed to last a month, a year or several lifetimes. A Q-Pact can bring together hundreds or thousands of businesses, organizations, institutions and individual people into simple or highly selective relationships. We make these web based collaborations easy to plan, activate, use and control.
We call our clients subscribers because while they utilize our services and collaborating with each other, they are subscribing to their own agreement or “pact” that defines the benefits and the roles of all the parties involved.
A Q-Pact can serve almost anyone whose work requires immediate, 24 hour, 7 days per week sharing of current, accurate and efficiently presented information from sources outside their enterprise’s normal reach.
What is the focus of our services?
We use the word “sector” to identify groups of real and potential Q-Pact subscribers. Web sectors cut across the standard web community spectrum to identify and unite people and organizations that have long or short-term common cause.
Our first concern is with understanding the issues that are at the heart of the pact and how these issues can be affected by the pact’s control over the creation and communication of high quality information.
Our second concern is with identifying the sector or sectors of people, businesses, organizations, institutions and or governments that are to be brought together by the issues.
Our 3rd concern is with providing a new, highly authoritative system for building subscriber identity. Our Subscriber Identity System is based upon subscriber templates that are structured to present multiple perspectives of each subscriber. It is assumed that 1 subscriber company could participate in many pacts with many different subscriber types that require many unique pieces of information in order to be properly recognized. Our identity profiles are very flexible, are heavily indexed and are linked to third party credential services. The goal is to simply:
a. Assure that all parties are who they say they are.
b. Make all parties easy to search for and find on the web.
c. Provide for additional increments of credibility support for those who require it.
d Provide controlled access to the pact information located on each site
Our 4th concern is with the agreement between pact subscribers as to how their people are to work together in the use, care and release of the quality information that brings them together.
Our 5th concern is with the security of the agreement, the information and any transactions initiated under the pact.
Our 6th concern is with regulating the operation of the pact and with monitoring the quality of subscriber participation.
Our 7th concern is with generating and channeling transactions between subscribers.
In Specific, we manage unique web based information exchange programs that control the conditions under which information is brought together, the purposes for which it is to be used and the methods of its access and distribution.