Uniform Communications

Taking Advantage Of Q-Pact Capabilities
Up to this point (we have explained) Q-Pact as a way to exchange quality information between subscribers. This statement is true but hardly sufficient to explain the real power of Q-Pact. The idea of quality information as something that is

accurate, complete, up-to-date, from a known source and sound enough to act upon”

is what makes Q-Pact viable. However, a large part of our story is how Q-Pact serves both subscriber and daily user in this multi-leveled information exchange process.
C. Q-Pact: A Corporate Communications Manager.
Q-Pact is designed as a highly effective on-line corporate communications management system that can be used to function simply or under complex requirements. It is not just designed to be a simple data transfer tool..
Its first assignment is to house and protect specific company Q-Pact information in the forms of data, simple text and or a full spectrum of multimedia files. It determines what pieces of information are to be made available (offered) to web site visitors (of various qualifications). It issues the appropriate information in a format of the visitor’s preference. All in accordance with the pact agreement (a.k.a. charter)
Its second assignment serve the subscriber’s own site needs for general communications management of non pact data and multimedia files. (i.e. marketing, public relations, customer service, employee relations, and etc.)
1. Q-Pact: Uniform Communications Code
All Q-Pact deployments are required to provide uniform display and operating functionality from program to program. This is done in the spirit of making it possible for individual users to efficiently navigate and work the web with as little lost time surfing as possible. When searching, navigating and retrieving information from Q-Pact subscriber web sites, users can restrict their web travels to Q-Pact Uniform Info Pages that offer uniform, “business only” functionality. These special pages do not eliminate graphics but they do speed travel by reducing download times, avoiding advertisements and eliminating the need to relearn new page operating instructions as the user goes from site to site. Visitors can easily move from Q-Pact pages to the traditional site pages at any time, or avoid the Q-Pact pages completely.

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