Outline of Future Endeavors

Data Pods

The Q-Pact Directories
The Q-Pact Thesaurus
Monitoring on-going subscriber conformance to program requirements
Quality Tier Commitments
Info Expiration
Changing and enhancing a pact.
The Q-Pact Indexes
The Q-Pact Profiler
Pact Subscription Profiles
Pact Identity Profiles
Pact Information Profiles
Pact Information Control Parameters
The Q-Pact Data Assistant
Facilitates Data Maintenance Of The Subscriber’s Pact & Non Pact Data
Active Data

Future Endeavors
Active Data Pods
Q-Pact Information Manager
Q-Pact Information Manager
Adds Q-Pact Uniform Access Pages to the subscribers web site
Selectively controls visitor access and availability of pact information choices.
Lists and describes all data and multimedia files available to a given site visitor
Controls publication options
Multimedia Download
Email Attachment
Standard Display
Hand Held Computer Display
Also Manage Subscribers non pact information.
An added feature, the Q-Pact Information Manager can be used by the subscriber to present, index and publish other corporate information to pact members, employees and the general public. For example, information regarding:
Public Relations
Employee Relations
Shareholder Relations