Main Revenue Engines

There is a pattern reflected in our opening product and service marketing strategies. That pattern reflects four linked revenue generation engines that have cumulative effects on our subscriber and information bases.
Our Short Term Revenues come from the sale of Special Projects executed by our technology divisions. These projects border on Q-Pact functionality and prepare project clients for our efforts to motivate them in the creation of new Q-Pacts.
Our Near Term Revenues come from the creation of New Q-Pacts and the sales of new template subscriptions. Near term revenue also includes new template trade-ups for Q-Pact enhancements as well as new sales to users of our Sectors Research Software.
Our Long Term Renewal Revenues come from sales of template subscription renewals to our House Master Identity Directories that have reached and gone beyond critical mass to produce substantial subscription renewal revenue.
Low cost of servicing makes renewal revenue remarkably profitable. This is especially so when it is realized that there is no real authorship or publication expenses beyond hosting the identity data bases and providing on-line ASP services to the subscribers for their own records maintenance (by their own employees or appointed agents).
Addition Long Term Revenues will be generated by House Master Directories when the directories are of sufficient size and quality to make general access salable to both major and minor portals.
1. Short Term Sales feed Near Term Sales.
2. Near Term Sales feed Long Term Sales.
3. Long Term Sales retain critical subscription
4. Critical Subscriber Mass assures our ability to reach maximum profitability from sales of both subscriptions and House Directory search engine access.
It should be noted that we do not intend to fall prey to the shortcomings of the standard subscription revenue model. We deviate in several critical areas in order to create more and longer term value for the subscribers and users, as well as to create a constantly fresh supply of motivations for continued subscription.
Each new Q-Pact is based upon a new set of sector issues. Our ability to constantly recognize and intermediate new information issues is our business forte. As long as there are people, organizations and issues, we will be able to avoid rapid commodification of our core business and feed our revenue engines appropriately.