Will Pact Works Work?

We are interested in developing two generic businesses. The first centers upon maintenance and distribution of certain high quality web based content. The second is centered upon providing web based, inter-mediation services. Our objective is to develop the two businesses symbiotically.
The challenge lies in properly sequencing the development of operating infrastructure, the collection, maintenance and protection of content/practices and the presentation of marketing messages.
Our goal is to be profitable before reaching critical mass and to be extremely profitable and leveragable upon reaching critical mass.
Our two businesses models (#1:Web Content #2: Web Intermediation Services) come together in the facilitation and servicing of agreements between legal entities (organizations and individuals)
B. The Pact Works

Our name is The Pact-Works. We are originators and facilitators of web enabled operating information and practices. We make powerful things happen for all types of companies, organizations and individual people. We make serious, custom, collaborations between diverse peoples and organizations possible, if not an every day occurrence. We do this on the web with a unique collection of empowerment tools and services brought to our clients in the form of action agreements called “Web Pacts”.
C. A Web-Pact Is:
1. An operating agreement that can be designed to last a day, a month, a year or several lifetimes.
2. A web enabled, external (outside the box) framework for real, operating collaborations between independent business entities
3. A set of reinvented business practices for transitioning organizations to a global operating perspective.
4. Access to operating & marketing communications for organizations that require 24 hour, 7 days per week sharing of current, accurate and efficiently presented information from sources outside their traditional control.
5. A bringing together of tens, hundreds or thousands of organizations and individuals into simple or complex relationships that are easy to plan, activate, use, alter and control.
6. A path to new forms of productivity and cost reduction that exist out side the box of 20th century business thinking.
7. A outline for reinventing ways to use people, talents and world resources.
8. A way of operating business for the 21st century that is premised on the necessity of sponsoring, facilitating and adapting to change.